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Writing a protection plan under trust with us is easy – not only can we help you select the right trust for your client, but you can complete the whole end-to-end process electronically. So it’s quicker, secure and ensures that the trust is completed correctly.
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Our online trust service is flexible so you can complete the trust process when it suits you – either at the same time as the application or at a later date. You can even use our online trust service with existing plans including old Bright Grey and Scottish Provident ones.

The process is easy. Once you’ve completed the online trust form, we send it electronically in the correct order to the plan owner, the witnesses and the trustees for their e-signature – we don’t need any wet signatures. The trust will only progress once each stage has been completed in the correct order.
When the process is complete it sends a copy to us automatically as well as to you, the trustees and the plan owner.

The launch of our new online trust service now makes it even easier to do business with us and it’s integrated with our existing online service.

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Find the answers to common questions about our online trust service.

Writing a protection plan under trust can help make sure the money from a client’s plan ends up in the right hands at the right time, quickly and tax efficiently.

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Last updated: 01 Dec 2017

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