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trowelFor anyone who’s self-employed their income is the most valuable thing they have – although they may not realise it.

Your self-employed clients are likely to insure their home or car and may even have life insurance, so why don’t they insure their income? Their lifestyle could depend on it. How would they be able to provide for themselves and their family if they’re unable to work? 

By using a menu approach, you can help your self-employed clients… 


As an example, we’ve taken a single self-employed carpenter who made £36,000 last year. If they take out Income Protection through our Personal Menu Plan to cover 50% of their income (i.e. £18,000) for a 20 year term, the monthly premium would be £62.75.*

This would provide an income of £1,500 a month. So if they fall ill or get injured and meet our definition of incapacitated, they’ll be able to rely on this income to cover the rent and other bills as well as help to maintain a standard of living.


They could also add Life Cover to the plan either now or at a later date. So if they purchase a property and need to protect the mortgage if they die, they can do that within the same plan. If they were to add Life Cover to their Personal Menu Plan, they’d be able to get £250,000 worth of Life Cover over a 20 year term for just another £8.53 a month.*




Having this cover in place will protect what matters most – their ability to bring in an income when they need it. It can help them to pay the mortgage or rent, household bills, loan repayments and more. It’ll also help relieve stress and remove the need to return to work before they’re ready to. Ultimately, they can insure their lifestyle by protecting what matters most – themselves.

These are obviously just suggestions - you can create your own package from any of our covers, tailoring them to suit your client’s needs and budget.

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We think your self-employed clients will love:

Average earnings

If your client’s earnings vary significantly from one year to another, we’ll use their average earnings over the last three years immediately before the claim.

Minimum benefit amount

The amount of cover paid out at claim will never be less than the lower of £1,500 each month or the amount of cover on the plan. This means we’ll pay the lower of this amount even if your client’s monthly income falls after their cover is taken out.

* This example is for illustration purposes and does not represent actual customers. Quotes are based on a client who’s a non-smoker and aged 32 next birthday. Plan term is 25 years with a deferred period of 8 weeks. Premiums are correct as at 10 May 2017. For full details of risk factors, exclusions, limitations and terms and conditions, please see our plan details.

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