Our implementation process

Our 3 step process – design, implement, run – makes setting up your scheme easy.




Design a workplace pension solution

  • We don’t believe in ‘out of the box’ solutions – so we don’t have one. We’ll work with you and your client to create a bespoke solution for them.
  • The first step is to find the right design for the new scheme. We’ll make  sure we  understand your clients’ needs to help you design the right solution efficiently and profitably.
  • If your client is setting up a scheme for the first time, we’ll help them to understand the impact on their business and workforce.
  • If you’re moving a scheme, we’ll help you redesign to make sure the new scheme meets their needs.

Implement the scheme

  • We’ll assign a dedicated Implementation Manager to take your client’s blue print and bring it to life.
  • Once you’ve agreed the scheme design, they’ll work with you and your client to make sure the scheme is implemented effectively.
  • They’ll help your client understand the new processes, providing full training and support. If they are using our run system we’ll also provide them with all the material they need to engage their workforce at this stage.
  • Your Implementation Manager will work as an extension to your business – freeing up your time to focus on the things that matter.

Run the scheme

  • Our 5 star service doesn’t end once the scheme is set up – we’ll keep your client on track throughout the life of their scheme.
  • Your client can use our online service to manage their scheme smoothly. They might also consider using their payroll system. Regardless of what they choose, our servicing team will be on hand to guide them through the processes they need to carry out.
  • If your client uses our system, we’ll create the worker communications they need to issue and the records they need to keep - fulfilling their employer duties.
  • For you, our run system will offer peace of mind that your client has everything they need to manage their scheme, and gives you what you need to provide a profitable ongoing governance service.

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