We've given our customers' retirement savings a little boost

Last year we took steps to share our profits with more of our customers. We called it ProfitShare.

After a successful 2016, we’re delighted to announce we gave our first ProfitShare award to your qualifying unit-linked clients on 1 April.

Show your clients how it works

To help you bring ProfitShare to life, we've created this short animation. You can use it to show your clients how ProfitShare works and the difference it could make to their retirement savings over time. 

Download this video (right-click and save)

Our ProfitShare award 2017



We boosted the retirement savings of all newly eligible customers by 0.18%.



Over 950,000 eligible customers feel the benefit of our ProfitShare award.



By stepping up to our promise we shared a whopping £114,000,000.

Our with profits customers will continue to share our profits in the same way. In 2017, they received a 1.4% increase – the same as last year.

Why we choose to share our profits

As a mutual, we want to make sure our members and customers enjoy the best possible outcomes and experiences.

ProfitShare is a tangible expression of that belief. Giving your clients a slice of our profits could help their retirement savings grow. So they’ll really feel the benefit of being part of Royal London.

Letting your clients know

From 10 April, we’ll be writing to customers telling them how we’ve boosted their retirement savings.

If you have eligible clients, take a look at what they’ll receive.




Last updated: 10 Nov 2017

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