Business Support Unit

Our Business Support Unit (BSU) is your one-stop shop for help with best advice tools and Royal London’s online service. 

Our team of technical experts are on hand to help you with your reporting processes. We’ll help you to minimise the amount of risk you’re exposed to by making sure the reports you run are accurate, compliant and completed in a time-efficient way.

How do I get started?

To find out how to get in touch with the Business Support Unit just email

How will you help me?

The BSU will give you dedicated support for your compliance processes. We’ll further enhance your research by understanding what your client needs and show how you can improve your compliance process.

We’ll give GoToMeeting demonstrations to help you to add value to your business processes. Our sessions will cover all aspects of the research you are carrying out. We’ll make sure that the systems work to your business model so you can achieve the best results for your clients.

I already know what I'm doing. What will you add?

Our technical experts have a wealth of experience, so even the most experienced user can benefit from our GoToMeeting demos where we’ll give refresher sessions on best advice tools and our online service.

We’ve allocated a consultant to your business so you have one trusted point of contact. Your consultant has a direct phone number and email address.

Which systems can you help me with?

Best advice tools

  • Pension switching reports
  • Retirement modeller tool – drawdown scenarios
  • Drawdown switching reports
  • Provider comparison reports
  • Model portfolio price comparisons
  • Product filter templates
  • Investment research
  • Product research
  • Create your bespoke investment templates
  • Help you with risk mapping
  • Create custom products – help you do GPP transfer comparisons
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Money purchase report – pension switching
  • Provider comparison report – new pensions monies
  • Retirement optimiser modeller – drawdown reports
  • Drawdown switching reports
  • Model portfolio cost comparisons
  • Product filter templates
  • Creating bespoke investment templates
  • Creating bespoke products
  • Customise provider terms
  • Alter sector defaults
  • Fund research
  • Client specific reports – what features are useful for your client
  • Personal pension and Income Release reports
  • Provider comparisons – individual and group personal pension
  • Evidence Governed Portfolios on your research
  • Help with risk mapping
  • Investment research
  • Fund performance and research
  • Create bespoke investment templates
  • Provider panel templates

Royal London’s online service

  • Registration and overview of online service
  • Individual pension illustrations
  • Online client policy servicing
  • Governed Portfolio toolkit
  • Investment factsheets and fund performance
  • Product literature
  • New business tracker
  • Overview of scheme functionality
  • New entrant processing
  • Contribution processing
  • Change investments
  • Change scheme details
  • Yearly reviews
  • Remuneration reports
  • Bulk data downloads
  • Noticeboard alerts
  • Client statement
  • Projections
  • Change investments
  • Governed range toolkit
  • Supporting product literature
  • Group personal pension plan reviews
  • At Retirement tool
  • Auto enrolment designer
  • Scheme risk profiler
  • Salary exchange calculator
  • Quick pension calculator
  • Risk attitude questionnaire
Last updated: 20 Apr 2016

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