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Important note

While we make every effort to contact all affected customers about these changes, it's important that you check if any of your clients are invested in these funds and discuss any changes they may want to make as a result.

Funds on our range are subject to change. If the change significantly affects what the fund can invest in or the specific risks associated with the fund then we will write to you and your client in advance.

All other changes will be updated in the fund factsheet and our marketing material.

You'll find information on the latest changes below:

Recent fund changes

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Historic fund changes

For older fund changes go to our page of Historic fund changes.

Upcoming fund changes

M&G Investments are making changes to the RLP/M&G Global Basics fund. The change to the fund will take effect on 17th November 2017.

We have issued letters to all our customers invested in the fund detailing the change and what this means for their investment. We have also written to all advisers with clients invested in the fund with a list of those clients affected by the change.

What’s changing?

  • The fund name will change to the RLP/M&G Global Themes fund.
  • The investment policy will change to allow the fund to invest at least 80% in global equities with no restriction on sector, size or geography.
  • The benchmark will change to MSCI All Country World Index.
  • The fund’s objective will change to aim to provide a higher total return (the combination of capital growth and income) than that of the MSCI All Country World Index over any five-year period.

Why are M&G Investments making this change

This change will allow the fund managers to take full advantage of a wide range of themes developing in an ever evolving global economy.

You should be mindful that the value of your client's investment can go down as well as up, which may mean they could get back less than the amount invested.

Last updated: 08 Nov 2017

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