Counting down to the end of tax year

With the end of tax year just around the corner, you’ll want to help your clients make the most of their entitlements while they can.

Key topics

Here are some key topics you might want to discuss with your clients:

Carrying forward unused annual allowance

Clients can boost their annual allowance by carrying forward any unused allowance.

Tapering of
annual allowance

Clients may want to use their £40,000 annual allowance from 2014/15 before it’s too late.

Lifetime allowance

Clients might want to consider waiting before they take their retirement savings.

Save time with our single contribution form 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us during this busy spell. So we’ve created a short,simple application form for clients who want to make a single contribution and whose investment choice isn’t changing. 

The form is available as an interactive PDF – so you can quickly type your client’s details.

For you, this will help to reduce the number of follow-up questions from our customer service team once the form has been received. And for your client, this means the single contribution will be added to their plan quicker.

Please note that if your client’s also changing their investment choice, you’ll need to complete our additional contribution application form.

End of tax year checklist and submission deadlines

The table below shows the submission deadlines and the information we need if your clients want to make a single contribution before the tax year ends.

Your checklistDeadline

Application form and supporting documents:

I’ve completed the application form fully and enclosed any supporting documents
Please send the completed application form and supporting documents to:

Royal London
PO Box 296

We must receive this by 6pm on Thursday 05 April 2018.

Alternatively, you can scan and email the form and supporting documents to your usual Royal London case manager.
BACS payments:

I’ve quoted my client’s plan number and surname
This must be cleared in our account by Thursday 05 April 2018.

 I’ve written my client’s  name, date of birth and plan number on the back of the cheque
Please send the cheque to:

Royal London
PO Box 296

We must receive this by 6pm on Thursday 05 April 2018.

Download our new application form to start saving time now.  

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the single contribution form, please contact the National Support Unit on 0345 60 40 800.

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