Pension news from 2016

The chancellor’s announcement of proposed cuts to the Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA) means it will be more important than ever to be able to tell your PCLS from your UFPLS.

The ninth Royal London Policy Paper discusses how thousands of mothers are missing out on state pension rights when they don’t have to.

Royal London is the first provider to appoint a customer to its IGC to act in the interests of workplace pension customers.

HM Treasury’s consultation into the introduction of a pensions advice allowance closed on 26 October. Here are our thoughts.

The Government is introducing legislation in the Pensions Schemes Bill to protect people saving for retirement through master trusts. This follows industry concerns on the risks to members of a master trust failing. In this article, we consider the changes being introduced, why they are needed and their likely effect.

Royal London is pleased to support the petition calling for a ban on cold calling for pension and investment products.

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) shares its views on the market impacts of the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America.

The recent report from the PPI (Pensions Policy Institute) demonstrates the sheer scale of auto-enrolment so far and what we can expect in the future. We’ve pulled out the key information to save you reading the full report.

As the Autumn statement approached Steve Webb calls for the Government to stop tinkering with tax relief.

We're improving our telephone system to allow us to handle customer calls more effectively.

We are often asked how parental leave impacts workplace pension schemes in terms of funding in general, auto enrolment and salary exchange. This article will explain each of these.

New estimates by Royal London suggest that over half a million workers retiring before state pension age will have the opportunity to top up their State Pension at bargain rates in the coming five years.

Fiona Tait gives an update on 3 big announcements from the 2016 budget - Pensions Advice Allowance (PAA), the Lifetime ISA (LISA) and the Pension dashboard

To ensure customers approaching their retirement age choose the right annuity for them, we’ve updated our annuity process.

There are now more active savers in UK DC pension schemes than in DB pension schemes, according to recent stats from the Pensions Policy Institute. They also estimate that in just 15 years there could be as many as 17 million members enrolled in DC workplace pension schemes*.

The UK base rate is now at a 300 year low and means that many cash funds, including the RLP Deposit Fund, are delivering negative returns to investors. If you have clients sitting in cash it might be a good time to review whether cash is suitable in the current climate.

Like the majority of the market the Governed Range was positioned for a “remain” vote. Instead sterling weakened, bonds yields fell to historic lows, equities went up with overseas outperforming UK, and a number of high profile property funds suspended trading.

On 26 August, Standard & Poor’s affirmed Royal London’s counterparty credit rating of 'A' with a stable outlook.

This month the Association of British Insurers (ABI) published their data on pension withdrawals over the first 12 months of pension freedoms. We look at the emerging trends and how this compares with figures from Royal London Intermediary.

HMRC’s long-awaited service allowing pension scheme members to apply to protect pension savings from the lifetime allowance charge was launched on 28 July 2016.

To allow customers greater flexibility when planning for their retirement, we’ve made our Pension Portfolio plans more flexible.

The British obsession with home ownership can have dangerous consequences. A recent survey by Barings¹ found that up to three million people of working age are planning to rely wholly on the value of their home to fund their retirement.

On the 5th of July¹ the Pensions Ombudsman determined that Royal London was not liable for any further action having allowed a member to transfer their funds to a pension scheme which later became insolvent.

We've received lots of queries on scheme pays and when it can be used. This article explains how it works and the conditions which apply.

Following the UK's decision to leave the EU, you may have seen a number of high-profile property funds suspend their trading. I'd like to reassure you that the Royal London Pension Property fund remains open for business.

We’re making some exciting changes to the strategic asset allocation of our Governed Portfolios including the addition of some new asset classes. The aim of this is to increase diversification and make the portfolios more resilient to shocks.

The outcome of the EU referendum was a major surprise to stock markets and we are likely to see some market volatility until the full implications become clear.

Royal London’s Drawdown Governance Service (DGS) is now live, allowing adviser to monitor the level of income withdrawals their RL clients are taking and manage sustainability. It also gives us a snapshot of what clients are currently doing and the chance to monitor trends over time.

Read our Q&A document on the impact of the EU referendum result taken from a recently recorded RLAM webinar.

Ros Altmann reportedly hoped for more product innovation following pension freedom¹, and according to one poll 66% of advisers also believe that providers should be doing more².

Industry awards tell us we’re doing something right. That we’re delivering on our promises. And that we’re giving you the support you need.

We have received lots of queries on the tapered annual allowance and how it impacts different individuals. We thought we’d help by putting together a few case studies to show how it works in practice.

We'll shortly be writing to customers who took out a Pension Portfolio plan between 11 January and 30 May 2016 to tell them about a further retirement income option we’ve added to their plan from 30 May 2016 - combined regular payments of tax-free cash and taxable income payments.

Latest comment from Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi Asset, Royal London Asset Management on the impact of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

The Pension Policy Institute (PPI)’s recent report “Value for money in DC pensions” tries to identify factors by which people can assess whether their pension offers fair value for money (VFM). Fiona Tait provides an overview of the findings.

Delivering a decent drawdown review process takes time and resources. This article looks at how you can manage drawdown clients in a more cost effective way.

6 April 2016 brought in changes to employer duties for directors and partners in limited liability partnerships. Here we explain exactly what’s changed.

There were no changes to carry forward announced in the last budget, but advisers and their clients should be aware of how to treat the 2015/16 tax year when using carry forward. This was affected by the alignment of pension input periods (PIPs) to tax years from 8 July 2015.

Royal London’s Submission to the Work and Pensions Committee.

According to George Osborne "people like ISAs – because they’re simple". Fiona Tait is not convinced…

Auto enrolment has been a resounding success to date. Six million more people are saving for retirement¹ and opt-out rates remain low². But what happens when you introduce a shiny new investment option aimed at some of these very savers?

Pension coverage among the self-employed is not just low but it is falling and has now reached crisis levels.

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