Introducing Trevor Greetham

16 June 2015
Royal London Asset Management’s (RLAM) new Head of Multi Asset is officially up and running. I want to look at what expertise Trevor brings to the table and how this affects the Governed Portfolios (GPs) and Governed Retirement Income Portfolios (GRIPs).
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Trevor Greetham joined RLAM in April 2015 from Fidelity where, as Asset Allocation Director, he was responsible for implementing tactical investment decisions across a range of solutions including the Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic fund with a strong performance track record.

In the newly-created role of Head of Multi Asset at RLAM, Trevor will be responsible for managing Royal London’s existing multi-asset solutions and also responsible for driving the development of new asset allocation solutions.

Investing by the clock

Trevor is known for his work on the Investment Clock, an approach linking the performance of various investments to the different phases of the economic cycle. This is just one of a range of tactical asset allocation models that bring science to investment decision making but crucially, it leaves room for good judgement and experience to play its part.

Trevor’s adaptation of the Investment Clock uses growth and inflation indicators to identify four distinct phases of the cycle and to use this approach to create a tactical strategy that can add significant value through a risk-controlled process fusing science and experience to form investment decisions.

Trevor and the Governed Range

We will be working very closely with Trevor to ensure that the GPs and GRIPs benefit from his expertise and tactical strategy. So you can still expect the same level of transparent risk management and governance but this will be combined with a more robust and scientific approach to tactical asset allocation and investment solutions underpinned by even greater expertise. But what more would you expect from a provider with a track record in delivering appropriate risk, returns, and value for your clients?

Keep an eye out in our usual communications and governance material for further information on how this is likely to develop.

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Ryan Medlock

Investment Proposition Manager

Ryan’s remit includes speaking investment matters at adviser events, regularly contributing to Royal London websites and trying to beat his colleagues in the fantasy fund manager competition.

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