Record numbers for the PFS Regional Conferences

29 July 2015
Here's a quick round-up of  the events held across the UK for PFS members throughout April and June this year.

This year, over 3,000 of you attended the PFS Regional Conferences at one of 26 locations around the country. The events have been an overwhelming success, with a high level of engagement and discussion from attendees.

The topic of choice was of course: The impact of the new pension freedoms and what it has meant for you and your business.

There were a range of areas covered, however Royal London focused on the types of clients now looking to engage your services and some of the challenges associated with this. We considered those clients with smaller pots that fall into the 'Middle Britain' category and the need to have an advice process in place.

It was really interesting to hear the different views from advisers around the country, however I think most are in agreement that whilst challenging, the changes and potential increase in clientele is a positive one.

We also looked at the need to manage investment risk in early retirement and the key differences between growth and income portfolios.

It was fantastic to hear positive feedback from you on our Governed Retirement Income Portfolios (GRIPs) and how they're being used to effectively manage your client's plans.

Ah, but you could have...

We're all aware that there has been increased press coverage about the changes and clients don't necessarily understand the detail of these or what it is they're paying for. So it's down to us, collectively, to ensure they do.

My colleague, Fiona Tait, and I had a bit of anecdotal fun around this and for those of you who attended I'm sure it's one you won't forget...although perhaps wish you could!

About the author

Kirsty Anderson

Business Development Manager

Kirsty has over 15 years of pensions experience and spends the majority of her time travelling around the UK presenting to professional advisers and employers alike. Historically, Kirsty specialised in workplace pensions, steering clients through the muddy waters of auto enrolment. However, with the recent pension reform, it's safe to say she couldn't resist the pull of navigating the unknown tides of at retirement.

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