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24 February 2015
April 2015 – keeping you informed
FT Adviser - new era video

Watch a video interview with our Business Development Manager, Fiona Tait.

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Our 2014 business results

Royal London reports strong new business results for 2014.

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Enhancements to our products

The new pension flexibility means more complicated choices for people in the UK. It means more people will need your advice to help make choices as they approach retirement.

We're working hard to enhance our products in preparation for the new pension flexibilities and wanted to give you more information about what we're planning to do.

New at retirement tool - coming soon

We're creating an online tool. It will help you demonstrate the options available to your clients to meet their income needs.

The online tool will offer a series of modules that can be used individually or collectively to suit your advice process.

Modules include:

  • a life expectancy calculator.
  • a short series of questions to help ascertain your client’s attitude and need towards income certainty and/or income flexibility in retirement.
  • the ability to capture your client's minimum and aspirational required levels of income in retirement.
  • the ability for you to show your client how an annuity or flexi-access drawdown, or a mix of the two, could be set up to meet their income needs.

You'll be able to change what you are illustrating at any time, helping you to demonstrate the impact of, for example, different growth rates, income levels and longevity.

An editable report will be available that can be used alongside your full advice and suitability processes.

GRIPs - risk graded model portfolios for customers taking drawdown

Our 5 risk graded Governed Retirement Income Portfolios, launched in 2012, are designed specifically for clients looking to take a regular income.

As an adviser, you benefit from a low-touch solution for your clients, and your client receives ongoing automatic monitoring and rebalancing, at no extra cost.

New target drawdown lifestyle strategies

We're introducing new target drawdown lifestyle strategies that will take investors on a journey through the growth portfolios and, during the last 5 years, will move them into a GRIP.  Meaning customers are in the right mix of assets to start taking income from their fund.

About the author

Isobel Langton

CEO Intermediary

Isobel’s background is steeped in life and pensions. Having worked for Irish Life in a number of roles in the UK, she joined Royal London shortly after it acquired United Assurance Group (UAG) where she was responsible for integrating customer service for all of Royal London and UAG. She then moved to Scottish Life as a member of their leadership team focusing on customer experience, with roles leading Customer Services teams and Business Transformation initiatives. In June 2012 Isobel was appointed as the Group Customer Services Director, where she brought together the Customer Service businesses across our life and pensions brands. Isobel moved to her current role at the end of February 2014.

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